Willys, the Jeep!

“The Jeep, the Dakota airplane, and the landing craft were the three tools that won the war.”

General Dwight Eisenhower and future president
Jeep teste

Year: 1951

Price: 2,00

Mileage: 1 km

Fuel: Gasolina

Transaction of...: Vender

“Jeep was America’s greatest contribution to modern warfare.”

General George C. Marshall

“Jeep was the only American sports car”

Enzo Ferrari the founder of the company
  MY 4X4

Ezer Dias de Oliveira em 06/Feb/2002
Piracicaba | SP | Brazil

Rural Willys_1966

6cc 90cv 3marchas, câmbio em cima, cor azul



“Good Lord, I don’t think we could continue the war without the jeep. It does everything. It goes everywhere. It’s as faithful as a dog, strong as a mule, and as agile as a goat. It constantly carries twice what it was designed for, and keeps on going. It doesn’t even ride so badly after you get used to it.”

Ernie Pyle Army official correspondent